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No Fit State in use once Restored
Four Elms in use and External Site
Four Elms, Before & After
Four Elms, Before & After
Four Elms Centre

The conversion of a simple and unostentatious late Victorian Grade II listed building to form the operational and training centre for the international renowned Nofitstate circus.


Previously a suite of teaching rooms for the adjacent Methodist Chapel, the building was sensitively and sympathetically repaired generally, both internally and externally.  Its new use however also required significant alterations: 

  • An existing poor quality extension was replaced with a new building, this being clearly separated from the existing building by a continuous rooflight. 

  • A new steel frame was inserted into the existing Main Hall which, in providing a purpose designed rig for performers to train upon, simultaneously enabled existing ties that provided the building with lateral stability to be removed. 


These bespoke additions to the historic core of the building have resulted in a new phase in this previously dilapidated and disused buildings history, the prime internal spaces being retained, restored and utilised for a range of community functions.

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