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Elevation in Ruinous Condition
Aerial View of Ruinous House
Scaffold Design for the Restoration
Existing Condition of Building Shell
Drawing of Proposed Restoration
Piercefield House

Piercefield is the only building in Wales designed by Sir John Soane. Abandoned over sixty years ago it is a fine classical country house. Flanked by two outstanding pavilions, the house is also served by a stable block (also by Soane), a barn, walled kitchen garden with greenhouses and potting sheds. The medieval core of the house still survives, and early remodeling by William Talman in the 1690’s is also present.


DSA were appointed to advise upon appropriate new uses for the building aimed at bringing it back into use. Planning and Listed Building Consent for its restoration as a house were received in 2007.


The first phase of this restoration is a programme of emergency works to secure the ruinous shell and many collapses that have taken place in recent years. The majority of work consisted of various methods of stone consolidation, propping openings and recording the building at high level. A delicate and dangerous operation, particularly from a health and safety point of view, and which required a high level of management.

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