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Lightweight Building in Context
Addition Discretely Aiding Entrance
Main Entrance to Visitors Centre
Interior Open Plan Layout
Lightweight Timber Addition
Raglan Castle Visitor Centre

Informed by archaeology below the site, the visitor centre was conceived as a pavilion resting lightly on the underlying ground and “floating within the ruined elements of the White Castle”. This approach therefore distinguishes between the old and the new, the latter being sympathetic and subservient to the historic and natural surroundings. The completed building sits sheltered within the ruins of the castle gate, its timber cladding and glazing providing a subtle contrast to the existing stonework. Although intended as a long-term structure, its design is “reversible” i.e. if the building had to be removed in the future, this could be achieved without damaging the historic fabric of the White Gate.


Whilst sitting comfortably within its context, the new Visitor Centre has also been designed as far as possible to exude sustainable credentials. The nature of all the materials used, the high level of insulation incorporated and heating being provided via a ground source heat pump provides a building with a very low ‘carbon footprint’.

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