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Ty Melinydd from the river bank
Before and after
Day 1 of frame assembly
Cantilever and mezzanine frame
External details
Studio and mezzanine interior
Ty Melinydd Studio

The Studio at Ty Melinydd is the final phase of the restoration of Felin Uchaf, the highest of three mills on the Llechach, dated to the 16th Century.  Ty Melinydd, the former miller’s house, is a two storey property constructed on bedrock carved into the hillside.  The property has been occupied by artists for a number of years, working out of the cramped and dark second bedroom of the property.  

London Architect Roger Mears,  approached DSA in 2016 after securing permission for a 1.5 storey studio extension and entrance link.  The mono pitch roof form and stepped structure form a gallery and studio space with cantilevered mezzanine tucked into the trees and rock face.  The client set out with an ambition to use local and natural skills and materials throughout the new build whilst also needing to overcome the challenging structural demands. 

Using the Ty Unnos system construction components, a highly insulated timber frame was prefabricated off site and assembled on site in the space of a week by Kenton Jones Joinery.  The building combines heat treated timber, metal cladding, aluminium windows and sedum roof finishes, to create a distinctive contrasting extension to the host building. 

The project has been shortlisted for the RICS Award 2018, Wales. 

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