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Planning consent awarded for new timber shingle annexe at Grade II Listed Plymouth House

Our proposals for a new detached two storey garden annexe in the conservation area of Llantwit Major have been granted planning and listed building consent. Plymouth House West forms part of the subdivided Grade II Listed Plymouth House, a two-storey early Renaissance style house of predominately late 15th / early 16th Century origin.

To address issues with loss of privacy associated with a new build neighboring property, the new annexe is conceived as an extension of the existing rubble stone retaining garden walls, providing a plinth at ground floor with a lightweight shingle clad timber first floor spanning over a dramatic change in ground levels to present as a single storey ‘shed’ to the upper rear garden. The new building is proposed as a lightweight, prefabricated construction at first floor using homegrown timber as both structure and internal and external finishes, allowing for its potential to be dismantled and returned to the original arrangement as needs change.



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